ThermoBase: A Centralized Database of Thermophiles and Hyperthermophiles

Thermophiles and hyperthermophiles are a class of heat tolerant microorganisms, the unique properties of which have applications in biotechnology, especially industrial processes, and various fields of research. The hypothesized ancient nature of thermophiles However, until this point, there was no unified repository for thermophiles and hyperthermophiles or relevant environmental and physiological data. Previous reviews of these organisms were hindered by contested or unclear definitions of thermophile and hyperthermophiles and the tedious nature of extracting organism data from literature sources. Therefore, we have developed ThermoBase, a web-based and freely available database which currently houses comprehensive descriptions for 603 thermophilic or hyperthermophilic organisms. ThermoBase reports taxonomic, metabolic, environmental, and physiological information in addition to literature resources. This includes unique parameters such as ion for chemiosmosis, optimal pH and range, optimal temperature and range, optimal pressure, and optimal salinity. The database interface is also designed to allow for user-friendly search features, sorting, and filtering of qualitative and qualitative parameters. As such, it is the goal of ThermoBase to facilitate and expedite hypothesis generation, literature research, and understanding relating to thermophiles and hyperthermophiles within the scientific community in an accessible and centralized repository. Users can submit amendments or additional species entries for review via the following form: